Here we go with all the incoming deadlines we spotted these last weeks: calls for papers, fellowships, summer schools, grants, calls for contributions; and also book reviews, sometimes podcasts, recruiting blogs.

Watch out!danger

Dates refer to deadlines for the submission of proposals, not to the event date (which is indicated in the specific call page).

Read our 1st AIR check-up and next steps.


  • 01/09/17 – Macerata (IT). CFP “Alter/Ego. Confronti e scontri nella definizione dell’altro e nella determinazione dell’io”
  • 01/09/17 – Munich (DE). CFP “Representing Migration”
  • 01/09/17 – CFC “Mobilizing Anger: the Political Potential of a Dangerous Affect”, Krisis Journal for contemporary philosophy.
  • 01/09/17 – Naples (IT). CFP “Credit. Trust, solidarity, citizenship (14th-19th century)
  • 01/09/17 – CFC. “Atlas de l’Égypte contemporaine”
  • 01/09/17 – Cambridge (UK) CFP “New Research in Military History”
  • 01/09/17 – CFC. “América Critica”. (en/fra/ita/esp/por)
  • 04/09/17 – Brighton (UK). CFP “Resistance in Italian Culture: Literature, Politics and Film”
  • 06/09/17 – Lorient (FR). CFP “Hidden faces of Americas” intl. conference [post-poned deadline].
  • 10/09/17 – Montevideo (ROU). CFP intl. conference “Evolution and problems of wages in Latin America since 1950/60s”.
  • 15/09/17 – Stuttgart (GER). CFP interdisciplinaire “Fraternisations franco-allemandes dans les conflits contemporains (1813-1945)
  • 15/09/17 – Oxford (UK). CFP “Re-thinking Nationalism, Sectarianism, and Ethno-Religious Mobilisation in the Middle East”
  • 15/09/17 – London (UK). CFP “Transnational American periodical” conference for young researchers.
  • 15/09/17 – Paris (FR). CFP “Mixes and interbreeding in history, XIX-XX century”
  • 15/09/17 – New York (US). CFP “Corporeal Restrictions, Embodied Freedoms: Italian Interventions on the Body”
  • 17/09/17 – Paris (FR). CFP «Conflits, résistances et tensions dans les mondes du travail»
  • 18/09/17 – CFC. Big Data & Society, “Enjeux de l’information et de la communication”
  • 18/09/17 – CFC. “Méditerraner. What the Mediterranean means to us?”
  • 25/09/17 Call for projects “1968 – 2018: What is left, what is right” documentary/movie
  • 29/09/17 – Warsaw (PL). CFP “Crossing the boundaries of knowledge”
  • 30/09/17 – Kyoto (JP). CFP “Colonial Mobilization in Africa and Asia during the Second World War”


  • 01/10/17 – London (UK). CFP and CFpanel, 2018 EAAS – BAAS american studies conference.


  • 01/11/17 – Poland. CFP “East/Central European Cultures Inside and Out: Local and Global Perspectives”


  • 08/01/18 – CFC “Postcolonial Interventions”


  • 05/09/17 – Torino (IT). 8 PhD scholarships in “comparative analysis of Institutions, Economics and Law”
  • 08/09/17 – Vercelli (IT). Post-doc fellowship “Democrazia Deliberativa”
  • 11/09/17 – Premio per Tesi di Laurea e Ph.D. “Cesare Bonacossa” di scienze politiche.
  • 30/09/17 – Nantes (FR). Post-doc fellowship in Schengen history.
  • 30/09/17 – Lyon (FR). Post-doc fellowship “recherche urbaine”
  • 01/10/17 – Washington (US). Fellowship Competition “Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars”
  • 15/10/17 – Premio di Laurea “Gino Pestelli”.


  • Podcasts – History rehearsal with “Ben Franklin’s World” – academic podcasts narrating US (hi)stories.
  • authors wanted – “Implications Philosophiques“, rivista francese di filosofia contemporanea recluta autori, redattori, rilettori.

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