What: Summer School organized by Cultura, politica e società of the Università di Torino; TWAI – Turin World Affairs Institute.

When/where: Turin (IT), July 3-14 2017.

Deadline: may 7, 2017

Topic: a 2-weeks summer school for graduate and undergraduate students (see all the admission criteria). The school plans lectures Monday to Friday, from 9.00 am to 4.30 pm. The syllabus is available online and includes lectures on:

  • Theoretical and Conceptual Approaches to Conflict and Violence – Elise FÉRON (Tampere Peace Research Institute, University of Tampere)
  • The Challenges of Peacebuilding – Mats BERDAL (King’s College London)
  • The Resilience of War – Christopher COKER (LSE – London School of Economics)
  • Understanding and Researching Non-state Agency in Peacebuilding – Birte VOGEL (Manchester University)
  • Introduction to Mediation and Third-Party Participatory Processes – Juan DIAZ-PRINZ (mediatEUr)
  • Violence and Its Aftermaths – Kieran MITTON (King’s College London)
  • Post Conflict Reconstruction and Peacebuilding – Alpaslan ÖZERDEM (Coventry University)

How to apply: send your CV to engaging.conflict@twai.it and fill the online application form; take a look to the checklist to be sure of all needed documents and conditions, especially if you apply for a Freetorino scholarship. If you don’t, the fee is 650€.

Link e altre info: official page and

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